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Next Generation Vision Systems




Vision based devices have been entering the industrial and private world more and more successfully: Face recognition systems control the access to buildings; airports and train stations are controlled by Video Surveillance devices; and cars become equipped with vision based driver assistance systems.

However, the gap between human performance and the top performance of today's artificial visual systems is considerable. Especially, scene analysis in unfamiliar environments allowing for highly reliable actions is yet an outstanding quality of biological systems.

The next generation of vision systems will have to show stable and reliable performance in uncontrolled environments in real time. To achieve reliability these systems need to make use of regularities in visual data. In this respect, the representation of the temporal structure of visual data as well as the fusion of visual sub-modalities are crucial. Such systems also need to be equipped with a sufficient amount of prestructured knowledge as well as the ability to deal with uncertainties and to learn in complex environments.

The invited session focusses on requirements for and prospects of future vision systems. This covers all questions of visual representation and integration as well as questions of hardware and software design.

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