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Intelligent Mobile Agents in Peer-to-Peer Networks

Organizer: Dr. Ing. Jorge Marx Gómez

This workshop deals with the requirements and possible conceptions of frameworks and applications, which provide a platform and starting point for the development of intelligent mobile agents in peer-to-peer networks, possibly combined with the emerging technology of webservices. Peer-to-Peer networks like Napster, Kazaa etc. have reached a widespread use in the Internet. By deploying intelligent mobile agents, who can travel between network nodes, to a large P2P-network one could embrace the peer-to-peer technology and use it for all kind of services like anonymizing network traffic, distributed storage of documents, for replicating contents of heavily accessed Internet sites, trading of information, more intelligent information retrival etc. For many of these things there are single and simple solutions available but by using a common approach there might be the opportunity to access all kinds of information through a unified way which guarantees extensibility and widespread use.

* Topics of interest (selection):
Topics of interest for article submission include, but are not limited to:
- Applications utilizing (intelligent) mobile agent technology
- Ongoing research in the fields of mobile agents, intelligent agents,
   peer-to-peer networks, and webservices
- Integrating webservices into agent-based applications
- Querying webservices using intelligent agents
- Security and mobile agents
- Security in peer-to-peer networks
- Securing webservices
- Adopting and learning security by intelligent agents
- High availability (HA) in mobile agent systems
- Performance analysis of mobile agents and/or webservices

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  • Dr.-Ing. Jorge Marx Gómez
  • TU-Clausthal
  • Institut für Informatik
  • Julius-Albert-Straße 4
  • 38678 Clausthal-Zellerfeld
  • tel: +49 -5323/72 7115
  • fax: +49 -5323/72 7139
  • gomez@informatik.tu-clausthal.de

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