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Workshop on Genetic Algorithms

Organizer: Peter G. Anderson, Ph. D.


Genetic algorithms (GAs) solve problems in a means inspired by "selective breeding." GAs start with a random population of problem solutions; iteratively, better solutions are selected and allowed to breed (parts from two or more good solutions are composed to form children solutions); inferior solutions are selected to leave the population; and the overall fitnesses of the population members gradually increases until a suitable solution is discovered.

The Workshop will comprise an introduction to techniques of genetic algorithms and the types of problem solving GAs are applicable for. Special emphasis will be placed on problems such as scheduling. To submit papers click here.


  • Peter G. Anderson, Ph. D.
  • Professor, Computer Science Department
  • Chief Scientist, Laboratory for Applied Computing
  • Room 74-1071
  • Rochester Institute of Technology
  • Rochester, New York - 14623-5608
  • Phone: 585-475-2979 - FAX: 585-475-5669
  • anderson@cs.rit.edu
  • http://www.cs.rit.edu/~pga

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